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Where the last painting’s gone and all that’s left is black.

Does anybody know anything about nature omens?  I found 3 dead geese, completely intact with no visible signs of blood or injury, arranged in a perfect triangle in the middle of the road.


What the hell is wrong with the idea that a person has the right to set their personal boundaries?

Picking up a pack of tarot cards does not make you public property. Learning a divination skill does not come with the requirement to read for any person, at any time, by their demand, regardless of what you have going on in your personal life. A divination reading is a conversation between the tools, the querent, and the reader. And at any time the querent and the reader has the right to NOPE away from the table. Even paid readings do not grant an irrefutable right to the reader. Is the querent being abusive? Refund the fee and tell the querent to GTFO.

I really don’t give a flying fuck if someone wants a second, third, or hundredth opinion on any of my readings. However, if I see a querent asking the same question to myself and six other readers at the same time, without identifying as such, that querent is going on my ‘fishing expedition’ list and I will refuse to read. Personal experience has taught me that when a querent is intentionally seeking different viewpoints and opinions to balance for themselves, they’ll let all of us know upfront. I have no problem with that. Those that don’t are fishing for the perfect answer or is just that obsessed with some aspect about the reading.

Obsessed querents are pains in the ass. Usually the matter is a fantasy relationship that they just can’t accept is not going to happen before the cold death of the universe. But to pick on love readings is just gathering the fallen fruit. Truth is, any obsessed querent that will not respect the reader’s boundaries is an unwanted querent and should be rejected accordingly. And the idea that the reader is wrong for setting such boundaries to protect themselves, physically, financially, and emotionally is itself abusive and should be dropped.

Yes, it is good to help people. Warm fuzzies and associated endorphin releases and all that. But when that help costs the reader more than what the reader was prepared to spend on the matter, something has got to stop. It is not the job of a tarot reader to be at the beck and call of the querent because the querent has us confused with “cheap counseling”.

I am a tarot reader. I do not owe you a god damn thing for it. No one has the right to demand a reading from me outside of the boundaries I have established. And if those boundaries go against your personal morals, ethics, and spiritual beliefs, I don’t have a damn thing to do with that. You have no right to dictate to me that I have no right to fire abusive clients. You have no right to dictate to me how many free readings I should perform or how to price my paid readings. You have no right to dictate to me which decks I should use, which methods I should read by, to whom I should pray for protection, or even if I fucking do in the first god damn place!

There is no Monarch of Tarot, to whom us peasants must bow and yield control of our decks to. There are no laws that require all tarot readers to accept all querents and inquiries or else we lose our heads. There is only Personal Responsibility to the Self. So let each tarot reader set their own boundaries as they wish to, and adjust those boundaries as they need to.

Tarot reading is not a religion. Stop persecuting those deviant from your personal ideals. Stop throwing subsets under the bus because they “make you look bad”. And for fuck’s sake, the Roma culture is not a fucking costume for you to take pretty pictures in!

Tarot reading is not an homogenized culture. The milk is in the back of the grocery store if that’s what you want.

whenthemusicsended asked: Hello! If you're still offering free readings, may I ask about how to approach challenges during the upcoming schoolyear? :>


Thank you for your question, and as a teacher-in-waiting myself that still has fresh college memories, I know the feeling of not being sure how to approach a coming school year. Hoping you and everyone else heading back to school had a good summer. 

As for your reading, I’m going to offer a one-card that might offer a focus you can meditate on, should you need said focus at any given time.

Queen of Wands reversed: We are talking about a group of cards that are given the qualities of “feminine” and “motherly,” but this mother is in a suit of fire and passion and BOY can she be passionate. However, what makes this deck a little different is that the wand is more of a steel, regularly cleaned pole that is bolted to a sturdy stage, and this queen is walking out with her crown, best jewels, and a costume almost straight out of Barbarella

She can be confident of herself and quite assured in her qualities, but she also runs the risk of coming across as extraordinarily mean or blunt. She doesn’t mean to - after all, it’s part of her fiery nature - but she still needs to find good strategies to work with in order to watch herself around others, and maybe accept that the passions she has aren’t shared by everyone else. Heck, she might even sometimes find someone who is better than her at someone else and it’s kind of frightening to experience - jealousy, anger, hurt. She wants to be her best and can be afraid of someone doing better than her, having more energy than her, and this bugs her.

My advice with this card is to make sure that, even if someone can do something else better than you can, you still try your best and do well with what you KNOW you can do well with. That might be a certain hobby or expertise in part of the field where you study. This card can be a reminder that you need to keep some sort of faith in yourself because you got this far already - you got something that helped you get through trying times and it’s not necessarily an external factor. Granted this confidence can take a long time to build but you can still start by looking at what you ARE good at and celebrate it. 

Thank you very much for the reading!  I really appreciate it.  And yyyyup that pretty much sums up my inferiority complex.  Spot on.  xD  I’m an illustration/animation student, and I feel extremely mediocre compared to my classmates, to the point where I’m creating work that’s maybe 15% of what I know my current potential actually is, because I lost confidence that I would ever be able to get there.  I’m trying to work past that and build up my own strengths, and it has been very slow and difficult.  Thank you very much for the insight!  :>

Abaddon’s Curse Against Sexual Harassment



Requested by anonymous

Intent: To establish dominance over someone who is sexually harassing you.


  • poppet (preferably cloth and a little big, because you will be punching it)
  • belt
  • red candle (votive or pillar)
  • marker
  • needle
  • chair


1. Write your targets name across the head of the poppet and imagine their face in your head as you do it. After you’re done, write the word “dominance” on your palms and knuckles.

2. Take your needle and etch the words “sexual harassment” into the top of the candle near the wick. Do it slowly, and think about all the times they’ve harassed you.

3. Light the candle and let it melt enough so that there is a decent amount of melted wax in the middle (if you’d like to do the whole candle, use a wax melter or pot and melt the entire thing).

4. While that’s melting, set your poppet on a chair, wrap the belt around the middle, and pull it tight in the back so it’s completely restrained to the back of the chair. Don’t be afraid to be rough.

5. Once you feel enough wax is melted, take your candle (or pot of melted wax; now that I think about it, a pot and a few candles sound much more evil effective) and stand in front of the poppet. Say the following words (alteration on Abaddon’s words to Crowley):

Somebody thought it was a good idea
to make you think you’re King of my body

6. Slowly pour the wax over the poppets head, imagining throwing all their shit back at them and watching them burn in it, and say:

but you don’t own me.

7. Let the wax cool and dry before taking on this next part. You’re going to want to get very aggressive here. Punch, slap, spit on the poppet, whatever you’d like, while saying these phrases in between.

I am the Queen* of my own body,
You do not get to touch me,
look at me, talk to me,
or make me feel uncomfortable,

ever again.

Or I will burn your kingdom down.

8. Do it as many times as you need to, until your anger calms down. Give it one more strong punch/slap at the end. When you’re done, take the poppet off the chair but keep the belt around it, making sure it’s nice and tight. Stick it in a bag, tie the bag tight, and through that fucker out.

*Feel free to substitute whatever word you’d like for Queen if that’s not how you’d identify.

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Storm Sorceress’ - A Light in the Storm - Healing Spell




A Light in the Storm is meant to be used to aid in the healing of seasonal depression. Other uses may including aiding in the healing of sadness, grief, and anxiety.

Items needed:

  • Large clear glass vase
  • Small clear glass vase to fit inside of the larger one
  • Local dirt, sand, or pebbles
  • Storm, rain, or source water
  • Tealight or votive candle


  1. Fill the bottom of the smaller vase with dirt, sand, or pebbles, as a weighted base, and place a small candle on top of that. If you want it completely weighted down, you’ll want pebbles. If you’d like it to float, just add dirt or sand.
  2. Place the small vase inside the large vase, and begin filling the large vase with water. Be careful not to get any water into the small vase.
  3. Set both vases on a flat surface, and light the candle inside of the small vase, as pictured above.
  4. Allow to burn for as long as needed, or until the candle burns itself out.
  5. Repeat as needed.

This is an excellent idea. I love the concept and will definitely be using it both for the purpose you suggested and devotional reasons, if you don’t mind! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous asked: Hey there! I was wondering if you knew anything about a dreamwalker faction headed by Persephone?


Yeeeeeeeep I sure do! They tend to keep to their own and don’t cause drama, which is why we generally get along. Also totes respect to Persephone herself, so I try to stay out of their way.

Welp. That would explain a lot.


There are a couple of words in Heathenism that exist simultaneously yet independent of one another in Scandinavia and America as well as other areas, and which can be quite frustrating to keep straight for people who have only heard it from one of the sources. The first sort of pair is Folketro and Folkish. Folketro (or the appropriate variant thereof) simply means “Folk belief,” and is a very common term for pagan practice in mainland Scandinavia, particularly that which draws upon regional lore. Folkish, which does not really exist in common use in Scandinavia, is a term for Heathens who believe that only those of Germanic ancestry (really just meaning white because you can be a fair-skinned, full-blooded Italian and be fine) can practice Heathenry. This mindset is usually laughed at in Scandinavia.

The second pair is made up of two identical terms, both being Traditionalist. In Scandinavia, Traditionalist tends to be the alternative to Reconstructionist, and Traditionalists make more prevalent use of the term Folketro. While they may incorporate some Old Norse/Eddic lore into their practice, local folk beliefs and customs are given much more attention, and often god names such as Oden, Tor or Freja are used primarily for ease of discussion rather than essential identifiers. Traditionalism in America, England and other places, however, tends to distinguish a Heathen who still thinks that women belong in the kitchen and pumping out babies, white people are in danger of being wiped out and need to isolate themselves and that homosexuality is evil; and needs a religious justification for it.

Hopefully this can clear up any misunderstandings that people may have had in discussions or reading.

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Energy Barriers


So I read this post earlier today in the Witchcraft tag, which specifically starts talking about the 101 version of Energy barriers. Mostly this post is complaining about not having other shapes or other colors or whatever, but that’s the point for me.

The point is for me that I go: What, you… you never heard of other things you can do with things?

Oh is that… like not a thing people talk about?

So let’s get to the shit, then.

1. No, you don’t have to do egg shapes.

I’ve done all kinds of energy manipulations, but since we’re talking about more “protective” things, let’s talk about shapes I’ve done in general. I’ve done rectangular prisms, cubes, domes, “bee hive” walls [exactly each “space” is a construct of a hexagon which in of itself is made up of more hexagons into a solid wall form], I’ve done full suits of armor, helms, moving, probing tentacles which I wear over my skull and pour out and are used for “feelers” and menacing, before as well as eggs shapes - mostly it just depends on the form and need. 

Energy Manipulations are on par for experimentation with Spells for me as a whole. I generally don’t get asks for that for whatever reason. I’ve had a few, not many. It a surprise. I often hint just about how much I do for energy manipulation in a variety of my posts.

Oh and psst, before you get to asking this,

yes you can put barriers up on anything [not just you]

a barrier does not necessarily need to be for protection

a barrier can be a weapon [goes with the last one]

a barrier can be self sustaining

a barrier can be attractive to prey

A barrier can be set up, and “pulled up” and away - and then retracted and pulled down again to provide consistent usage.


2. You don’t need to do white lights.

I tend to do what I associate with “laser beams” which start from one “wall”/section and scan and move shit to the outside through the over side of the barrier. That’s part of the cleaning mechanism.

3. fireworks and attraction.

I approve of this shit right here. It’s one of my biggest mechanisms for testing the bullshits at various places. If I am literally wearing a giant sign over my head which is flashing, blinking and obvious as shit, which says “Please talk to me if you can see this.”  And someone is that “braggy” about their supernatural gifztz. And shit, and they can’t even FEEL that.

Imma laugh my little ass all the way the fuck home. 

Do it.

I encourage that. 

I like it.

Let’s make it very obvious.

OH, and by chance, if you ever get one of those “energy feelers” meaning that they “feel your energy” and from that feel your emotional feelings, try this one for size:

DUMP OUT BRIGHT FLUFFY CUTESY energy, just ADORABLES. Feel that inner kitten playing and the tiny black bat screaming [lololol who am I joking? barely making a squeak] about him being the night.

And then body language rise, pull yourself in, cross your arms pull your shoulders up, look down at the ground, fiddle with your feet a bit.

Believe me, a lot of people who claim to have such a good way to feel out your emotional condition are actually cold readers and are reading your body language [even if it’s subconscious].

Brag to me about yo’ skills when we first meet [or whenever], that’s an automatic agreement to be tested on that. You got skills you want to show off to me? Let’s see how well they work.

I have yet to have anyone pass either of these two tests, and while I don’t slap them in the face with a fish for being giant dorkfins. I still do make a laugh at their expense, and it increases my skepticism that people who attend various things are not just attention prostitutes looking for any john or jane to pay them some (and hey we all need attention some time, I’m not looking down on that. I am looking down on the one-uppers who need to put themselves on a pedestal and have the visitors that walk by them, cowtail, fall upon their knees, open their mouths and start sucking on whatever they have going for them) and cynical nature.

Let’s just be clear about that. 

I am not merciful when it comes to these tests. I am pretty damn brutal.

So I went to a place. I came back though. :D


One, two, breathe.

Socks off, stuff kicked or moved out of the way.

Lights off, Ipod out. Swirl the button, find a song. Hit play and stuff into bra.


Unlike most people who spend a lot of time discussing energy work or energy manipulation in the abstract world, let’s talk about me for a minute and what I do.

I’ve done several different types of energy manipulations, which focus purely on physical application - such as creating rain by smacking clouds with a large hand form or creating shields and barriers. Or even my most favorite, a traffic bomb - essentially a medium size ball that one throws ahead of the traffic and clears it. I ended up having really good, traffic free driving for about twenty minutes, thirty seconds after I let it go. It was an experiment ok, stop judging me and my floof.

My most used and most favorite way to practice using energy - that is the emotional turned into physical reactions (the blood and iron in my hands and feet comes directly to the surface in a splotchy pattern. I can’t reproduce it without working energy) which is then turned into heat or motion from my body and flung outwards from me - is while moving to a particular song or beat.

I do anything from rap to pop to 50s music (hey, hey my blue suede shoes is awesome, don’t judge me and my excellent music taste) to heavy metal to Reggaeton to 90s rock to pretty much anything besides country music and jazz. Even slow songs have their place because they are good for building up and then releasing over time.

So how do I release, generally I try to construct a form with my hands or my feet - notice my hands, not my mind - though my mind does take place in some of this but generally is more arcs which I pivot on one of my hands when I throw it.

I also bend my own body to produce forms. I’ve been known to go from fully standing to contortions in order to make forms before. I move my feet to create patterns on the ground.

I use my fingers and toes, and stretch them further and further. Some would call it a dance, some would call it a self-humiliation rite [the contorting], and others would call it merely some white chick in the middle of her living room doing some crazy shit.

I enjoy doing it which is my favorite part. But I can do it anywhere, and I have done other experiments in energy work.

But this, this is the way I prefer to do it.

If you haven’t tried, or are too scared to do it because others might laugh. Be in a room by yourself in the dark and hold your palms closely together -not touching. Once you feel the heat, try moving your hands apart and being again.

And now.. to music.

Hello new followers!  :)  Nice to meet you all.  I’m Tara, I’m a 21yo illustration/animation student, and I’m a devotee of Persephone and Loki.  I’ve also begun honoring a few other deities/spirits, though that’s all still in its early stages.  My inbox is always open!

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Possibly something people already know, but:

If you see anyone in the heathen-related tags posting something and putting 14 or 88 or 1488 in the post somewhere, go ahead and block them. Both of those are code numbers for white supremacy/separatism. 14 stands for David Lane’s 14 words, 88 is a repetition of the eighth letter of the English alphabet, which stands for a certain exclamation used to hail the leader of the 3rd Reich. (Or David Lane’s 88 precepts, but bad news either way.)

These are not friends. They’re not co-religionists. They’re neonazis taking the Norse Mythology aesthetic and hiding behind it.

Reblogging for those who might not already know.

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The Ancient Agora in Athens:

The Ancient Agora was the heart of the athenian democracy since it was there that the most important administrative and judicial functions, and political assemblies took place. Sprawling underneath the northwestern slope of the Acropolis it was a large building square where social and religious activities, commerce, outdoor theatrical performances and athletic contests were held.

From the 6th century B.C onwards, the open space, which was transversed by the Panathenaic Way, was gradually surrounded by many public buildings and it was adorned with temples, altars, fountains, stoas, portraits and statues. It acquired its final form in the 2nd century B.C

The Stoa of Attalos- where the market was housed- is one of the few monuments that have been completely restored. It was gifted to the Athenians by Attalos II, the king of Pergamon (159-138 B.C), and functioned as a place for meetings and walks, and as a commercial center with 21 shops. It has been converted into the museum of the Ancient Agora by merging ten of the “shops”, while the rest of the spaces have been converted to offices, archives and storage spaces for the ongoing excavations. The Stoa of Attalos was restored by the American School of Classical Studies and is now under the supervision of the Greek Archaeological Service.

The Ancient Agora belongs to the sites that can be visited with a single ticket (12 euros). The other sites are Acropolis, the north and the south slope of the Acropolis, Hadrian’s library, the Roman Agora, the Olympieion and Kerameikos. However, you can only visit the Ancient Agora with 4 euros. Students from the EU can visit it for free, while non-EU students and seniors pay half a fee.

Texts transcribed from the museum’s brochure:

Text: N. Saraga, Translation: D. Kazazis)