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So I saw constantine-spiritworker’s I Am / I Do / I Have spread and decided to give it a try because it looks like a really good one.  :) So this self-reading is regarding my art career, which I admit to taroting about very often because yay insecurities.  I also tacked on a “I do too much/not enough of this” card for additional guidance.

  1. I Am Enough of This:  Mother of Swords.  Experienced, all-seeing, a quick thinker, organized, perceptive, independent.  Clarity of mind, intellectual.  Practical.  Fortitude.  Good judgement.  I am by nature strategic and analytical, with a very strong business sense, which is important in the competitive art field.
  2. I Do Enough of This:  The Chariot.  Strong will, achievement, triumph.  Control, assertion, determination.  Overcoming challenges through confidence, self-control, and force of will.  Very driven, never giving up even in the face of strong doubt and fear.  I always tell myself, if I am not given a place in this field, then I will carve out a place for myself instead.
  3. I Have Enough of This:  The Fool.  Beginnings, potential, innocence, spontaneity, naivety, originality, freshness, a free spirit.  Experimental, unbridled creativity.  Courage, risk.  An aim for personal growth and development.  Trusting one’s instinct.  I always worry that I’m not creative enough, that I don’t have good enough ideas, because I usually tend to approach creative problems from a left-brained stance.  But I can do this.
  4. I Do Too Much of This:  4 of Cups.  Selfishness, greed, meditation, contemplation, apathy, re-evaluation.  Sitting on my creative assets instead of using them.  Procrastination.  Thinking too much; taking action too little.  I need to work on getting past the research stage (my comfort zone) and actually put ideas into action.


"I am, I do, I have" Spread

Sometimes we can fall into the ego trap of feeling like we must have certain things, do certain things, in order to be what we want. But when you’re stuck in that mindset, you may often feel like nothing you do can actually achieve that end result, so you keep trying to acquire things, and you keep trying to do things, and you keep not being what you want. This spread can help you stop that vicious cycle once and for all. 

  1. I am enough of this
  2. I do enough of this
  3. I have enough of this

You can also focus this spread onto specific areas. For example, you can angle it towards your tarot practice.

  1. 9 of Swords - I am thoughtful enough. (I spend plenty of time examining and thinking about situations from multiple angles; this is a positive look at a card that can represent obsession & anxiety.) Alternatively, I am very aware of different issues, unique thoughts, and complex problems.
  2. The Hierophant - I do enough counseling and teaching, both receiving and giving.
  3. 9 of Pentacles - I have enough knowledge and experience.


urban witch things:
☆gathering herbs from neighbors yards.
☆having trouble grounding before a spell becuz u dont live on the lowest apartment.
☆stealing alcohol from parties for potions/tinctures.
☆using yr phone as a book of shadows.
☆not being able to get rid of spell stuffs by burying it because theres only concrete near you.
☆no stars in the sky!!

isn’t that first one stealing? 

i tried a “musk and amber” incense cone yesterday. now my bedroom smells like cat piss.

i have made a mistake.


but first, let me take a selkie (steals a mythical half-seal creature from scotland)

Anonymous asked: is there a spell for being hot?


1. put on as little or as much makeup as u want.
2. look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘damn I look hot’
3. repeat it throughout the day
4. shoot anyone that tells you any different.

you see her through the cracks in your wall,
she’s been tying up her hair for an hour;
there’s an asteroid belt in the layers of her ringlets,
and orion in the center of her eyes.

you never understood why people considered wine sweet,
and yet, her lips trace the rim of the pomegranate stained glass,
and there is insouciance on her skin & cheeks.

you want to poison & drown yourself with a whole bottle,
just to contort your aging face into a position like hers,
one that represents power,
peonies in a sea of dandelions,
and the scintilla of an electricity,
that could snare death between two palms.

it’s a pity she’s dead, said the lioness, a.m.

(Pyramus and Thisbe, for persephoene)

PSA to anyone thinking of beach combing for sea witchery purposes.




Please, for the love of all the gods and goddesses, remember to do research about the beaches you’ll be collecting items from before you go! Also, do not think you need to collect 100 seashells while you’re strolling the coast. It’s important to remember that the beaches and coastlines are a big…

dang.  I never go to the beach.  I live too far away and I am poor as fuck.  I buy seashells from craft stores and have lots of shells people gave me.   Is that okay? I would be the jerk that carries away as many shells as possible just because I am so far away from the sea and never visit except when someone else can pay for me to go :( I’m not a sea witch, but I love the sea and always wanted to be a mermaid so if I do some sea-witchery it’s ok. (tell me it’s not and I’ll say “Fuck you”)

I would absolutely recommend not buying seashells from craft stores. They are taken in such large numbers that they are a huge contributor to issues with the declining numbers. Please read THIS article about the decline in the number of shells being found on beaches.

When you’re landlocked it can be hard, but there are options. Try buying or trading with people who you know are careful and collect the shells themselves. The seashells are so important to the seas and animals that inhabit it. We have to protect their numbers as best as we can. :-/

Spidey’s Spell to Conceal Identity



Intent: To conceal an aspect of your identity from one person or a large number of people. I guess it can kinda sorta be seen as a glamour depending on how you as an individual use it.


  • picture of yourself
  • clear nail polish
  • small mirror
  • blue and red chalk
  • napkin
  • black washable marker
  • tape


1. Figure out which aspect of yourself you’d like to conceal. You should also take time to think about who you’re concealing them from, whether it’s everyone, a few people, or just one person.

2. Once you have it figured out take your blue chalk and write across your picture’s face whatever it is you’re concealing. For example, if Spider-man were just an average magic user doing this spell he’d write “my name, my face” or something along those lines.

3. Take your red chalk and write the same thing underneath. (Note that the use of red and blue chalk is purely my way of connecting with the source of inspiration - in this case, Spider-man - and not a requirement. Use whatever colors you’re able to get a hold of.)

4. Smear the colors into the picture with your napkin. Instead of thinking of it as rubbing the colors off, imagine the colors soaking in to your image along with what you’ve written down. Imagine it sinking deeper and deeper until it cannot be seen. Smear until you can’t see the colors anymore.

5. Cover the image in a thin layer of clear nail polish. This is your mask. If you’d like to charge it with your intent now would be the perfect time.

6. Write the name(s) of those you’re concealing yourself from across the mirror.

7. Hold your picture in front of you once it has dried. Stare at your reflection in the mirror and say:

this is the person I’ll always be

8. Look now from your picture to the mirror and say:

but this is the person I allow you to see

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 as many times as you’d like. When you’re finished tape the picture to the mirror so your image’s face is facing the glass and store in a safe place.

For confidence



  • A candle, preferably red or orange. You may also use a candle in a color that you feel represents you well. Use a larger candle if you have one, so that it will last longer.
  • Something to carve symbols or words into the candle
  • Any uplifting oils or oils to increase confidence, such as cedar, cinnamon, bergamot, basil, eucalyptus, rose geranium, juniper, lemon, orange, rosemary, or sandalwood (optional/if available)
  • Paper and a pen
  • A flame-proof dish

Cast a circle. Prepare the candle by carving symbols and/or words that represent the self, strength, and confidence. Carve these all up and down the candle. You may also anoint it with oils, if desired. When anointing the candle, start from the top and bottom of the candle and move inwards toward the center, as you are aiming to draw something into yourself. Light the candle and sit before it, and take a few moments to visualize its light filling you. Write down the word “confidence” onto a small piece of paper. Hold it up and say:

By this candle burning bright
And by this chant that I recite
I fill myself with strength and light
New confidence I now ignite

Set the paper on fire with the candle’s flame and quickly put it into the flame-proof dish. Imagine yourself as a strong and confident person. Picture yourself in a variety of situations being self-assured and confident. Assert and affirm the change in yourself. You may choose to recite or write down a worded affirmation, such as:

I’m confident and strong and free, just the way that I should be.

End your ritual and snuff out the candle, and then put it in a safe place. Afterwards, whenever you feel you are lacking self-assurance, you can light the same candle and focus again on instilling yourself with confidence.