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Bouquets of Perfumed Stars
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- ancient wise saying of pagans who own cats (via thetinyivy)
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Day 9 - Common Mistakes about Persephone




For me most of the common mistakes fall under the category of over-simplifying her. Seeing her as only the Kore or only the Queen of the Underworld. She is both and is multifaceted. She is a goddess of life and death, spring and winter, and I find that people tend to only focus on one aspect and totally write off the other. Which, I mean, do what you want, but I personally consider it a mistake.

Another mistake, to me, is trying to re-write the myth of her abduction/rape and pass it off as canon. There is no source that I am aware of that presents her as anything but unwilling in the myth of her abduction (or her rape by Zeus, actually). The whole “she wanted to be taken/she was tired of being only a daughter/she asked for it/she ran away/but she fell in love eventually so the ends justify the means” is entirely modern UPG, should be labeled as such, and can venture into rape apologist territory. Read more of my thoughts on this here.

On those same lines, it also bothers me when the only UPG concerning that myth are either “she was a helpless victim” or “it never happened because she’s too strong.” I don’t think her struggle has to be erased, but I don’t think she has to be defined by it either. There’s a middle ground there that can present her as an amazingly strong and powerful person, but also one who has known fear, pain and loss.

im reblogging this day specifically because oh my god pet peeve


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Even the very ending can be interpreted in two opposite ways: either Ofelia created a fairy-tale world in her head to escape real life and ultimately committed a form of suicide, or she’s simply an awakened being who saw what the masses bound to the material world cannot see and ultimately completed her process of illumination to become a true immortal. (x)

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The Princess Mononoke stage adaptation has opened in London to sell-out performances and rave reviews. The play’s puppets and costumes are made out of recycled material, reflecting Miyazaki’s environmental message. 

whoa how did I not know this was a thing?!?


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(To those who have asked for tarot readings, I promise I’ll get to them as soon as my right arm is functional again! I’m so sorry for the wait!)

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making minecraft look really gloomy n walking around is relaxing

If anyone knows what this texture pack is, please reply here?

I think it’s Sphax, but this looks like it has a shader mod too, which is significantly more complicated to install, and will likely make your computer shit bricks.

*explodes becuase this looks so amazing*

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Anonymous whispered: do you realize pluto is hades' latin name, which makes your url wrong and anachronistic? (no hate, just wondering)



yes i did know that - it’s actually a quotation from The Secret History (my favourite book and one that was very formative in my life)

"It was shocking to hear him speak of her with such intimacy. Pluto and Persephone. I looked at his back, prim as a parson’s, tried to imagine the two of them together. His big white hands with the square nails.”

That thing about Pluto being a Latin translation is not true, and YOU were right when you originally listed your URL as plutoandpersephone.

"Pluto", or Plouton, translates to "Rich One" in Greek, an epithet for Hades in his role as a god of riches and the fertility of the earth. (He had lots if titles because no one wants to say his name aloud and invoke the God of the Dead).

The closest Latin approximation for Hades would be “Dis Pater”. The Romans simply used Pluto often because of the popularity of the Eleusinian Mysteries (where Persephone was most often referred to as Kore, the Maiden). This is why a lot of people mistakenly believe that Pluto is the Latin translation for Hades.

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