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Bouquets of Perfumed Stars
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Midnight in the Meadow (USA) by Joe Ganster

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I’m astounded at the response to the SIMPLE RELATIONSHIP READING spread! I really want to thank you guys for all the notes, so here’s another simple reading:

  • Lay the SELF and GOAL cards
  • Lay the ROADBLOCK card, which is the situation keeping you from your goal
  • Concentrating on the ROADBLOCK card first lay the WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK card, this card will give you some more insight into what’s specifically creating your roadblock
  • Now, still concentrating on the ROADBLOCK card, lay the HOW TO MOVE FORWARD card above it (symbolically placing it above WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK).
  • Read your cards & enjoy.

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions!

Much love-
♥ PW

ps. feel free to send me an ask and request layouts

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My Pledge.


In my home, and in my ritual, this is my pledge.

1: Your right to not be touched is never trumped by anyone’s desire to touch you. Your person, and that which belongs to it is open only upon your enthusiastic and ongoing consent which may be withdrawn at any time. This includes ritual action.

2: Your right to loudly protest (or scream at) people who have no sense of personal space will never be trumped by someone’s desire not to hear you speak. If you are unable to articulate your displeasure at the time you are welcomed and thanked for bringing your account forward in private. You will NEVER be asked to “keep it quiet”.

3: Your right to report crimes against your person will never be violated. You may speak publicly and/or privately, you may take it to the police or allow me to do so if it makes you uncomfortable to be the first voice.

4: Any accusation from a child will be heard and believed. Period. I won’t even hesitate to forcibly remove someone from a group on the word of a child.

5: Your right to responsible leaders will not be violated. While they may not disclose personal information amongst one another, rest assured anyone attempting to become priesthood, council, etc? Has had a background check and I’ve done sufficient sniffing around socially to make sure they’re trustworthy.

If you don’t like it? You’re not welcome in my woo.

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Emerald Flame (by CoolbieRe).

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Witchy Asks!
Cauldron: Favorite foods?
Broomstick: Where is the most fun place you traveled to?
Altar: Are you organized or messy?
Herbs: List some of your strengths.
Mortar and pestle: How do you deal with pressure?
Candle: List at least three of your biggest passions.
Book of Spells: Are you hiding anything?
Poppet: If you could do anything to anyone, what would you do, and to who?
Sigil: Create or destroy?
Charm: What turns you on?
Ward: What turns you off?
Green Witch: Do you have a garden? Plants?
Cottage Witch: Do you like crafts?
Kitchen Witch: Best meal you've ever had?
Sea Witch: Would you ever swim with sharks? If not, what would you like to swim with?
Love Witch: What is your favorite thing about being in love?/What is your favorite thing about being single?
Curse Witch: Had any good acts of revenge lately?
Necromancer: Had any prominent supernatural experiences?
Blood magick: What's the most physically painful experience you can remember?
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Photos from a real-life storm chaser:

TED Fellow Camille Seaman captures the spectacular and ominous beauty of storm clouds. Supercell clouds, like the ones above, can grow up to 50 miles wide and reach up to 65 thousand feet into the atmosphere. In her TEDTalk, Camille describes her experience chasing storms: “There’s a warm, moist wind blowing at your back and the smell of the earth, the wheat, the grass, the charged particles. And then there are the colors in the clouds of hail forming, the greens and the turquoise blues.”

Watch the full talk here »

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Nastya Zhidkova by Danil Golovkin for Fashion Gone Rogue

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"I said to the sun, ‘Tell me
about the big bang.’ The sun
said, ‘It hurts to become.’"
- Andrea Gibson (via earthandstarryheaven)
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"Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch."
- Catherynne M. Valente, In the Night Garden (via backfromthedeadred)
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god warriors by tobiee

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Edouard Labrosse (b. 1983, Lyon, France) - Untitled, 2012    Paintings: Oil on Canvas

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